Welcome to WirelessCat!
Mickey was almost 16 years old--RIP October 2004

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Saturday April 21 2018


Welcome to WirelessCat!

It's a wireless world--mobile phones, wireless networks, remote controls, satellite communications, sensors of all types, GPS, music from space, TV and radio broadcasts, amateur radio, military comms and control, and on and on.

We'll explore as many of those things as time (and my attention span) permits. Take a look around...it's constantly under construction. That's both an apology for the lack of consistency and content at times, as well as a promise to keep making it better.

Please note that I've changed the "blog" link to what is now my one-and-only weblog on one of my other domains, www.DaveAndrus.com. Please feel free to browse, and even leave a comment or two. I'm now using Wordpress, a great open-source blogging tool that makes both writing and management of a weblog so much easier than what I was using before. Eventually I may divide more of my content (I know, you're asking WHAT content?!) up between the two sites, or even have them mirror each other for backup, since the webhosting services are different, and are about 3,000 miles apart.


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