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FullSpeedWireless.com (for now points back to this site)

DaveAndrus.com Not much there now. Contains my blog

Flute4Me.com Dede's flute site, which is parked for now

Dave Barry Well-known humor writer (and another great Dave!)

Google News is the most up-to-the-minute general news site

CNN also has a decent Technology news section

ABC News includes a Science/Tech section as well


Salt Lake Deseret News

Salt Lake Tribune

Provo Daily Herald

LDS Church News

KSL TV and Radio

Computer/Tech-Related News

Apple Computer builds the most awesome hardware/software on the planet, and I'm only slightly biased

MacRumors has decent and often funny Apple product rumors

MacSurfer has a great collection of daily Apple and Mac news

LockerGnome is Chris Pirillo's great website (former "Call for Help!" guy on Tech TV)

Leoville.com is the site of former "ScreenSavers" host Leo Laporte

Robert X. Cringely always has interesting things to say about the tech industry

Web Design Stuff

Great OS X installer for the latest version of PHP and also MySQL

Home Automation

PracticallyNetworked how-to article shows how to make Cat-5 network (Ethernet) cables

Gordon Meyer has written a really good book on Mac and PC Home Automation

HomeSeer is the best PC-based HA controller, in my opinion (but just try to keep Windows running all of the time!)

Shed.com makes Xtension, a very good Mac-based HA controller. They have a free "lite" version for OS X

MisterHouse is an open-source home controller, runs on PC's, Linux, Macs

Perceptive Automation sells Indigo, which is my OS X HA controller of choice (note the 30-day free trial)

Google Groups' archive of comp.home.automation on Usenet

Home Automation Index Some links are stale, but good place to see what some others' systems look like

Home Automation Webring Has some interesting places to visit

SmartHome.com is a good HA shopping site--not the cheapest, but great selection and info

Worthington Distribution is cheaper than SmartHome. Historically, not strong in customer service, but I still recommend them

Wireless/Radio stuff

Click here to go to my Wireless Info Page

Voice over IP (VoIP)

Asterisk open-source VoIP PBX Wiki is always a good place to start

Web configurator for Asterisk PBX makes it simple to generate extensions.conf and sip.conf config files for your own Asterisk setup

How-To article on setting up a small home-office Asterisk system using AstLinux and a tiny Soekris computer

Here are links and info on running Asterisk on the Mac platform

Asterisk@Home is another distribution that attempts to make Asterisk easier to set up and use

MilkFish is an odd name for an effort that is working to bring VoIP ease-of-use via SER functionality in embedded devices such as the Linksys WRT series wireless routers. According to their website, the latest version (2.0) has easy installation and uses a web interface for setup. No Linux knowledge required (but always very helpful). This is NOT a version of Asterisk. Asterisk is a full-on VoIP PBX, with voicemail, automated attendant ("press 1 for Bob, 2 for Amy, etc."), and much, much more.

Links to Internet Speed Tests

Broadband Reports.com also used to be called DSLReports.com

PCPitstop.com uses ActiveX (ugh!) for upload tests so Macs, Linux and PC's using Firefox can only test downloads :-(

CNet.com bandwidth meter

Fun Stuff

Scary Santas gives you such a warm holiday feeling...

You'll shoot your eye out according to the maker of the Red Ryder BB gun.

National Toy Hall of Fame. Silly Putty, Erector Set, Duncan Yo-Yo, etc. What was your favorite childhood toy?

Stupid Videos is a huge waste of time and bandwidth, which is why I love it so much!